Modelling and analytics

We all believe that data has got business value. But finding the business value in data is a big challenge. How do you transform raw data into real business value? We specialize in depicting and managing data. In order to be able to extract information that leads to business value. And we do that with proven record.

Our Expertise

  • Data Management
  • Business analytics
  • Statistical and economic modelling
  • Logistics – Performance measurement

We percieve data management as the core of Modelling and analytics. We understand that data management is the key building block of modelling and analytics. If data lifecycle and management not in place, analytics and modelling will not end as planned. We help our customers in providing key steps to get their data in shape and managed. And not any data. Data that our customers can trust. We prepare you for analyzing and modelling phase.

Information is power. And business analytics is providing power to decisionmakers. We are helping our customers with empowering them with the right information at the right time, on time. We understand that picking the right information, at the right time, on time directly refers to data availability. That is why we suggest our customers to start at the very beginning, with data management. From data management to business analytics is a long way. But the result is breathtaking.

It’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future: Still Econlab can give you a heads up on what the future holds. Our staff has vast experience in creating statistical and economic models that can be used to model, future dynamics of anything busness related. Our key advantage is also understanding the business needs, and realities behind the model. Combination of business and technical skillset allows us to make a highest possible business impact, by modelling what matters in a manner that end users of the models are confortable with. We also place major emphasis in knowledge transfer, helping clients build intuition what drives the model results, making the whole process of model application more robust.

Using our methodology, our team supported an introduction of KPIs into a large Slovene logistics holding company. More than 10 companies participated, all using the same approach. We helped all companies choose the correct KPIs, which are embedded in procedures and processes that support their achievement, in order to steer the business towards its intended direction.

Selected references

Short term forcasting of renewable power plant production (micro hydro & photovoltaic) using ARDL models. Model was built to encompass all the power plants in the country and production volume was predicted based on

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Development and continous updating of macroeconomic forcasts to support porfolio allocation decisions of a major insurance company.

Master Data Management introduction in order to introduce best practices, policies and procedures of data management in place. Preparing the customer for future business analytics introduction.