Business advisory

From time to time organizations face internal challenges where a helping hand is needed. EconLab can assist in many aspects of optimizing your business, with data driven and quantitative aproaches that are our trademark.

Whether you are making the one big decision that determines the course of the company for years, or wanting to make the operations run smoother, we are able to help you take the necessary steps.

Our Expertise

  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • Digital
  • Quality Assurance and IT Audit
  • Supply Chain Management

Carving the strategy is art. The art of strategy is to succeed by securing harmony among stakeholders and keeping competition off-balance by evolving better capabilities to influence, adapt and map. EconLab provides strategy consulting services with you, not just for you. We help you determine which specific strategic initiatives are going to get you what you want, and which ones are leading you off track. Working together, our team will help you determine the path through market research, competitive analysis, scenario planning, and professional experience.

With profound knowledge about business processes we help our customers create the highest possible level of efficiency within an organization. To meet today’s needs of their customers, businesses endeavor to try and compete with each other by building more efficient processes. Every Fortune 500 company claims to be process driven. The study of processes has today become a separate science which we call Business Process Management (BPM) – an old, but valid idea that remains the key to success in almost any successful organization.

Industries are reshaped by implementing digital technologies, but the transformation is not an easy task – less than 30% of efforts are successful. During a digital transformation, changes take place on all levels, especially when it comes to talent and capabilities. First and foremost, having the right, digital-savvy leaders in place is the most important inhibitor of digital transformation. EconLab supports the management in every segment of digital transformation, providing valuable insight into digital capabilities and digital transformations done outside their current industry.

Providing valuable insight to the management that quality information technology is going to be implemented. Assuring the management that an organisation will deliver quality information technology products and services. Assessing technology risks and the control environment as they relate to critical business processes.  Ensuring the integrity, reliability and performance of processes. Our clients realize more effective and efficient technology controls that better align the internal audit function with their business and IT strategy.

The global business environment is becoming increasingly digitalized. Supply chains need to be managed quickly and flexibly in order to successfully implement new innovations. Effective supply chain managament is a vital part of product delivery that meets client expectations. Our tailored approach combines innovative digital technologies, market expertise and a rich database of industry KPIs. Combined with your needs, our team will collaborate with your company to deliver a reinvented supply chain that will meet both your customers’, and partners’ expectations.

Selected references

Expert opinion on strategy implementation from the perspective of risk mitigation and execution.

Helping a start-up in mobility carving a prosperous business model.

Renovation of the entire costing sytem for end products, analyzing processes, focusing on inventory value tracking in the industry with partially fungible material and products.

Creation of a digital strategy for a logistics company that would transform the company to a modern mobility service provider.

Monitoring the upgrade of an ERP system and other software in a major logistic holding company, over the period of 2 years, with an investment value of several million euros.