Economic analysis for legal & policy purposes

Commercial laws and regulation issues often need strong economic argumentation in addition to legal ones. Econlab has long experience working with legal offices, companies and policymakers, helping them get to get the economics of any situation right.

Our Expertise

  • Economic opinions for litigation
  • Policy support
  • Regulatory support

During legal disputes, situations often arise when case need strong economic argumentation. Our team has been involved in engagements related to, valuations, taxes and anti-competition among other things. With strong academic background we have proven time and again that we can tackle complex issues and back up the facts with hard data and most resent scientific understanding of the topic.

Decisions that concern the whole country or industry, should never be taken lightly. We can help policymakers find the solution to wide range of economic topics. Since our staff is actively involved with industry, while simultaneously doing active research, EconLab is in unique position to understand the economy as a whole, all the while having the hand on the pulse of companies, and their actual needs. We can support policymakers to have solid economic background supporting the decision, help build models that predict effect of new regulation, and assist in making sense complex data.

Regulatory issues, one in a while become a key pain point for a given industry or company. In times like this, companies can be proactive in ensuring that their concerns are heard. We have ample experience in going head to head with regulators, helping our clients to substantiate their position when regulatory bodies put them into disadvantage. A well-constructed, and substantiated economic argument, about the impact of rulings, are usually constructively received by regulators and they often are willing to shift their course.

Selected references

Provided an economic opinion on a tax dispute, concerning income tax from profit distribution. The case resulted in a tax saving of several million euros.

Provided economic opinion for in an antitrust case in relation to pricing of natural gas.

Provided an analysis of pharmacy pricing in related to antitrust case where clients were accused of price collusion.

Analysed the financial and economic effects of implementation of new regulation regarding health insurance coverage.

Economic opinion regarding a proposed ex post facto law concerning loans granted in foreign currency.