Financial & Business Consultancy

We provide “hands on” support throughout quality delivery. We do the engagement with you, not to you. Our  team brings a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives across industries in order to bring fresh breakthrough insights to each of our clients. Our multi-disciplinary service lines will leverage their deep knowledge to provide robust, independent and professional support.

Our services

  • Business advisory
  • Economic analysis for legal & policy purposes
  • Transaction and financing
  • Services for financial industry
  • Modelling and analytics
From time to time organizations face internal challenges where a helping hand is needed. EconLab can assists in many aspects of optimizing your business, with data driven and quantitative aproaches that are our trademark. Wheter you are making the one big decision that determines the course of the company for years, or wanting to make the operations run smoother, we are able to help you take the steps nessecary.
Commercial laws and regulation issues often need strong economic argumentation in addition to legal ones. Econlab has long experience working with legal offices, companies and policymakers, helping them get to get the economics of any situation right.
Times of important financial transaction are often the pivot points of any business’s success. At the time when the whole business is on the line, having a dependable help and advice is critically important. At Econlab, we bring expertise to you that helps the transaction and financing process run smoothly.
Financial sector is in the midst of radical shift in business models, perpetuated by low interest rate environment and digitalization. At the same time the echoes of 2008 financial crisis are felt in the regulatory environment. By combining high-level quantitative skills and in-depth knowledge of regulatory environment, EconLab can solve many of the challenges that organizations are facing today.
We all believe that data has got business value. But finding the business value in data is a big challenge. How do you transform raw data into real business value? We specialize in depicting and managing data. In order to be able to extract information that leads to business value. And we do that with proven record.