Aljoša Feldin is an independent analyst and consultant with twenty years of academic experience from University of Ljubljana, with which he still cooperates. He holds a PhD in Economics from University of Pittsburgh (advisor Alvin E. Roth, a Nobel laureate) and has several publications in scientific journals in the areas of industrial organization, microeconomics and game theory. He specializes in market analyses with emphasis on competition and strategic considerations. As a part of his pre-economics career, he holds a degree in mathematical physics and has also worked as a software developer and project manager. By combining significant academic background and experience in market analysis projects, Aljoša brings a unique grasp on market operations both from the supply side and from the regulatory side. He has over 15 years of experience in advising private and public institutions in the areas of economic modelling, market analysis, antitrust procedures and also appearing as a court appointed expert witness. His clients range from several types of energy suppliers, telecommunications operators, over financial institutions to public institutions.


Selected references

Analysis of the effects of partial deregulation of the motor fuels market in Slovenia and preparation of further strategies for Slovenian motor fuel traders and their umbrella organization.

Development of an economic model and software tool for the control of relations with suppliers in the light of the new regulation by the MAFF of the Republic of Slovenia for one of the largest Slovenian trading companies.

Development of an economic-actuarial model of mutual car insurance for a Slovenian blockchain start-up company.

Elaboration of a methodology for measuring the social-economic effects of investments based on multiplicative effects for the needs of assessing the benefits of investments and reconstructions for the operator of the Slovenian electricity transmission network.


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