Aleš Groznik is a professor of Digital Business at the University of Ljubljana and a partner at EconLab. He holds a PhD in Economics and MSc in Electrical Engineering and has several publications in high-ranked scientific journals in the areas of digitalization and strategic information system planning. He has over 15 years of experience in advising private and public institutions in the areas of IT strategy, digitalization and business model renovation. His list of clients includes banks, pension insurance funds, energy distributors, logistic providers and telecoms. Aleš worked as IT/strategy advisor in Banking, Energy and IT sector with emphasis on digitalization, business process optimization and strategic information system planning.  In the field of Banking, Aleš led a team of experts to set up an up-to-date IT environment and business process orchestration for medium sized Slovenian banks. Due to his expert knowledge, he was appointed as the president of the supervisory board at Slovene largest provider of supplementary pension insurance.


Selected references

Advising a Slovenian commercial bank on business process optimization

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Advising on digitalization of business and shopping centre

Developing of IT and digitalization strategy for large logistic company

Head of IT Quality Assurance at large logistic company

KPI framework setup in a large logistics company


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